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Web Design

The first step in upgrading your business. We will build your online presence exactly the way you want it and host your website on our servers.

Social Media

In today’s word, EVERY follower counts. We create unique social media campaigns for customers that want their social accounts booming!

SEO Specialists

In today’s word, EVERY follower counts. We create unique social media campaigns for customers that want their social accounts booming!


In today’s word, EVERY follower counts. We create unique social media campaigns for customers that want their social accounts booming!

In today’s world, having a website and an online presence is crucial to becoming a success! The first step in getting your business to the next level;  Web Ignition.

Here at Web Ignition, we use the latest technology to build your website. Our team has experience in multiple CMS (Content Management Systems)  and we know exactly how to make your website look amazing. We specializes in many different areas, having worked on websites of all different categories. Big or small, we give your business the ability to reach your target. Using responsive templates with beautiful designs, and making your website look great on your computer, phone, and tablet,  customers won’t be able to resist.

The Web Ignition team is here for you, with 24/7 call or email support and our full attention. We make your online business look exactly the way you want it.So what are you waiting for? Get Ready… Start Your Websites!

What is it?
In the today’s world almost EVERYONE uses social media platforms; such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Users post statuses, pictures, videos, and connect with others daily. Right now, social media is the biggest tool in reaching out to others locally or all over the world. Unfortunately many businesses are not taking full advantage of this.

How can we help?
Why not turn that personal social media account into a business one? Our staff will help you build your brand by creating a custom social media campaign that will naturally grow every social platform you use, down to every last detail. Did you know that posting during a specific time of the day massively impacts what your audience sees? Most people don’t! Web Ignition will set up your social accounts, build them to grab the attention of your future customers, AND continuously manage your profiles daily.

You can now sleep soundly.
Web Ignition will post your statuses, upload your pictures, reach out to potential customers, and much more to ensure your business has an online presence that can be trusted. Jump ahead of your competition and let us maintain all your social platforms. Contact us now!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process a website goes through to increase traffic and revenue by having people visit your website. The ability to increase the visibility of one’s website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The use of keywords, meta tags, lack of page errors, and bots help make your website appear clearly.

What all this fancy talk means is that, your website needs to be NUMBER ONE on the results list on a search engine. Let’s say someone Google’s your business’ market and a HUGE list of results pop up. But, your website is on the third page. They will never find you. The average Google search lasts under a minute, and people hardly go past the first page let alone the first few search results.

This is where Web Ignition comes in. We build your website using the latest technologies to ensure your business shows up on the FIRST page of Google on the TOP of everyone else! SEO is the most important aspect in building a website, and we know exactly what to do to bring your future customers to you.

Contact us now to get started!

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is the online version of you selling your product or service! I don’t know about you, but i’d LOVE to make money in my sleep.

That’s when Web Ignition comes in. We design you your very own online store; that’s fast, fully functional and easy to use for everyone. Our world is moving fast and in this era, your business needs to be available at all times. Selling your product or service in person just isn’t enough anymore. Having an online store gives your customers the ability to shop from you at all times.

Our staff will build you a completely custom and responsive online web store that looks amazing on any device. We set up our own e-commerce marketing plans to get your business fully out into the world. Take your business to the next level and start selling your products online, today!

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We are professional online presence builders. I know some of you might wonder what on earth that means… It means that we take your business, whether online or physical, and bring it to the next level. From creating your website, to running all of your social media platforms, our team is ready to make your business stand out from all the rest. Think of our team becoming part of your own team!

Web Ignition is a New York based online consulting company, dedicated to jump starting your web presence so the world can see you. We are a team of creative developers ready to help you in all your online needs. We host and build your websites from a blank page to a beautifully designed template. We market your online presence to reach customers you didn’t even know you had! We tailor each website and each social network to exactly what you need.

Our objective is simple; to make your web-business beautiful, fast, and attractive to customers you’re soon going to have! We are passionate about what we do and our team is ready to make your websites and social media pages unparalleled to anyone else’s! So what are you waiting for? Get Ready… Start Your Websites!


Our Success Stories

“My partner and I had the vision of our business and knew that we needed our online presence to be as vivid and special as it was in our minds. We decided to go with Web Ignition to build our site and we couldn’t be happier with results. Every detail of what we envisioned was captured on our site and is conveyed to prospective customers. The aspects that we didn’t understand were laid out and explained to us and we always felt listened to and taken care of. Even with a limited budget, Web Ignition services got everything done and exceeded satisfaction. Don’t hesitate in choosing this service for your web business needs.”

Nicole  Salicetti

“Rock Star company! James is fantastic!  He is professional, artistic, and works hard. Whenever my business partner or I had a question or issue, he always got back to us promptly.  He gave us advice based on his extensive knowledge, but also respected our vision.  He built us a beautiful website and we are really proud of it!!”

Jessie Nicole

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